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QualityTV coming soon (2014)!

We are proud to announce that QualityTV will be launching soon. 

We will be showing informercials on products and technical demonstrations.

We will also provide overviews on interesting projects and installations.


Frequently Asked Questions - General

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FAQs - General

Trading for six years, Quality Worktops are a company based in Stirling who Design, Template, Fabricate and Install Kitchen Worktops in a variety of stones. With a fabrication factory, designers, templaters and installation teams covering the whole of Scotland, we can provide bespoke granite worktop, quartz worktop, silestone worktop, samsung radianz worktop, glass worktop and marble worktop solutions all over the country. Granite worktops, Quartz worktops, Marble worktops and Glass worktops are only some of the products that we can manufacture. We also template, fabricate and install granite and quartz fire hearths and fire surrounds along with granite, quartz and marble bespoke furniture such as Granite office desks, console table tops and anything else which you desire. As we fabricate all of our products in our own factory, based in the central belt of Scotland, we can provide our service to the whole of Central Scotland.

“Granite worktop components” are granite worktop slabs that are factory pre-cut to industry standard sizes. These standard sizes are available to accommodate countertops, bar tops, islands, backsplash, and more. Pre-cutting the granite at the factory allows us to remove natural imperfections in the pieces prior to shipping. It also ensures that product quality is consistent from one shipment to the next. There is no need to “pick your slab” from a granite yard – we maintain consistent colour and patterning in our products so that all pieces on a project will match.

Using granite worktop components, Quality Worktop's distributors are able to offer first quality granite worktops at reduced prices. By removing blemishes prior to shipping, only useable material is stocked in our inventory. Since components are pre-cut to industry standard-sizes, there is less wasted material (that a customer usually gets charged for). By using standard sizes, we minimize the layout and design time required prior to final fabrication. By pre-cutting the sizes at the factory, only minimal time and labour is needed for the distributor to prepare the components for installation. We can measure, fabricate, and install projects in a matter of days where other shops require much longer lead times to accommodate their labour-intensive production process.

Quality Worktops granite worktop components can be manipulated in many ways to accommodate a multitude of applications – kitchen worktops, vanity units, islands, bar tops, table tops, backsplash, and more. For most projects, Quality Worktops granite worktops are the most cost effective choice; however, some highly ornate designs may not be best-suited for using the standard Quality Worktops components. In these instances we can cut from the “Scant” which is a sheet of granite cut straight from the block which has been blasted from the ground. This enables us to produce granite work surfaces which are a bit more unique.