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QualityTV coming soon (2014)!

We are proud to announce that QualityTV will be launching soon. 

We will be showing informercials on products and technical demonstrations.

We will also provide overviews on interesting projects and installations.


Frequently Asked Questions - Products

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FAQs - Products

Quality Worktops can source any colour of Granite, Silestone, Samsung Radianz, quartz, marble worktop and glass worktops. Some of the more unusual colours can take slightly longer to source, but due to the large network of suppliers that we work with, they are not a problem to get.

Most granite worktop installations will require at least one or more joints called seams. During layout and design, we will try to minimize the number of seams required. Additionally, the factory-machined Quality Worktops edges fit together very tightly to help lessen the appearance of visible seams. Finally, we are factory trained to colour-match the joint filler material to minimize visible seams.

We recommend you clean your granite worktops with just water. However, you may, on occasion, use window cleaner than does not contain harsh chemicals, such as acids or ammonia.

No. Granite worktops do not harbour bacteria. Just wash the counters as recommended above and you will be safe.

Yes, but it is not good for your knives. We recommend using a cutting board for this reason.

Only a diamond is harder than granite. However, another piece of granite can scratch a granite worktop. It is rare, but such instances can occur, for examples when a small stone gets stuck to the bottom of a box of groceries that is set on the granite countertop. 

Yes. Hot pans will not affect granite. We do not recommend putting red-hot pans on cold granite worktops.

Your granite countertops were sealed in our shop prior to installation, but depending on the type of granite you chose, an occasional application may be needed. Darker coloured granite worktops are harder than lighter colours, and as a result, less permeable. Therefore, dark granite countertops may never need resealing. Light coloured countertops may require an annual application depending on how quickly absorbed moisture evaporates out.