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Based in Stirling, we are perfectly situated to craft our sintered stone worktops for kitchens and properties all throughout Central Scotland

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What Are Sintered Stone Worktops?

Sintered stone worktops are highly durable stone countertops formed of many different materials. This results in a longer lasting, sturdier worktop material than traditional stone worktops.

sintered stone counter top black and grey

Sintered Stone Vs Granite And Quartz

Sintered stone worktops come with all the benefits of granite and quartz, with none of the drawbacks. 

sintered stone kitchen worktop
Sintered stone worktop white

Recent Sintered Worktop Project

Sintered stone worktops are becoming increasingly popular for home and kitchens all around the UK. Thanks to its durability, it is as suitable for garden walls as it is kitchen countertops. Below is a recently completed sintered stone fireplace completed by quality worktops.

Sintered stone fireplace construction
sintered fireplace stone