Worktop Template 

We provide full design and installation services, and are experts at cutting worktops to our clients’ specific templates

First stage of worktop templating

Initial Kitchen Template Drawing

Second stage of worktop templating

Worktop Measurements

Third stage of worktop templating

Cut Worktop Template

We Craft Your Worktop To Your Designed Template

At Quality Worktops, we begin the process of manufacturing your worktop in preparation for installation by creating a worktop template. This is done in close co-operation with you, so that there are no surprises or unexpected issues.

Once your kitchen is installed and units are secured, it will be arranged for our templater to come to you on an agreed date. We will check that there are no self-isolation cases in your home.

When the templater comes to your home to measure up, they will sanitise their hands before entering and keep at least a 2 metre distance from you. They will be wearing a face covering and gloves. You can then leave them to it. Please ensure that no children or animals are in the room at any time.

The Templater will make a template of your Kitchen with hard board. At this point all details will be discussed with you. For example, edges, corners, best place for a join if needed, drainer grooves position if required. The templater will also advise you regarding plumbing and gas/ electrical works, and when you will need to arrange for these specialists to visit your home. These services are not carried out by Quality Worktops.

If this is a Worktop change, the templater will take measurements rather than template. Everything else is the same procedure as a new kitchen. The removal of your old worktop can be carried out the day before installation. We can offer this service at an additional cost.

Template before fabrication

Worktop Templates To Specification

The main benefit of creating a template for your countertop is that it ensures that your new worktop will fit perfectly into your home with no errors or miscalculations. 

Our templating process stands out from others in the industry as we work closely with our clients to ensure this process is carried out as smoothly as possible. Instead of relying only on a drawing from our clients and creating the template from there, we always ensure we visit your home to double check.

The result is a countertop perfectly suited for your home, created by both parties in unison and to your exact specifications. This process is one of the reasons behind our reputation in the industry as leading worktop manufacturers and installers in Scotland.

Worktop template fitted
Worktop Template cutting

Worktop Template Before And After

Below you can view an example of the process of working with a worktop or general template. The process essentially begins with a shell, giving both our Quality Worktops specialists and our customer an idea of how their new installation will look when complete. Once the measurements have been taken from the worktop template, we then move onto cutting a worktop to the exact specifications.